Register Buying Guide

Our registers are measured by duct opening size, not overall size, and they have about a 1" lip around all sides.  So a 4"x10" register will measure about 6"x12" overall.  Whenever possible, it is best to shop for registers before laying new flooring or having existing flooring refinished so that you can be a little flexible for size.

Scroll Design

a vintage pattern for modern duct sizes

Whether you choose cast iron or aluminum, these registers are heavy castings and look fantastic. The main difference between the two materials is weight. The registers are flat and have straight sides, so they are ideal if you want to install them flush with your floor. Available in a number of finishes and sizes. A beautiful choice!

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Grid Design

clean & classic

Our Grid Design registers look great in both traditional and modern spaces. Available in cast aluminum and heavy steel. Like the Scroll Design above, they're flat with straight sides, so they can be installed flush to your floor for a clean, custom look. Available in a number of finishes and sizes. Classic elegance!

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Prima Pattern

great style at a competitive price

Our Prima Pattern registers are a popular choice! Built-in louvers are included with all heat register sizes (not air returns). The great price and extensive size options makes Prima Pattern registers a stylish solution for the whole home.

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Vintage Registers

unmatched character

In our opinion, no registers are as lovely as vintage ones. When we get them with beautiful chippy paint we leave them as-is, but when they're caked in 100 years of too-much paint we have them sandblasted and refinished to their original beauty. These days they're rarely practical to use throughout the house, but a gorgeous vintage air return grille is a beautiful feature when you walk into your home, and it's worth planning for one before you have floors refinished or HVAC work done.

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