A Design Destination Since 1972

Sam at The Door Store, 1970s

The Door Store was established in 1972, when owner Sam Mirshak was a student of Architecture at the University of Toronto. Witnessing scores of crude renovations and thoughtless demolitions in Toronto's charming Annex neighbourhood prompted Sam to open a small store on Queen Street selling the salvaged architectural fragments that were otherwise headed for the dump. Since then, The Door Store has had several homes and has grown to become one of Toronto’s best-loved stores.   

Currently housed in an 11,000 square foot showroom, The Door Store is a family business owned and operated by father-daughter team Sam & Leila Mirshak. We pride ourselves in being an invaluable resource to design professionals and homeowners alike, and in providing exceptional quality, service and expertise to our clients.

Re-using quality architectural pieces is our passion because things really aren’t made like they used to be. We believe that our products are relevant now more than ever and that ultra-sleek modern interiors are calling out for a little bit of soul. Our ever-changing collection is carefully sourced locally as well as abroad, and our goal is to offer a wide selection of pre-loved artefacts to inspire you, as well as the practical bits-and pieces you need to get your reno finished.